CREA Celebrates Another Year of Service

Discussing resource planning for future utilities are (left to right) Mary Ann Zehr, Tri-State Generation and Transmission; Steve Beuning, Guzman Energy; Carrie Simpson, Xcel Energy; and Bryan Hannegan, Holy Cross Energy.

CREA, the statewide association of Colorado’s electric cooperatives, hosted its annual meeting February 11-15 in downtown Denver.

About 150 electric co-op board members, managers and CEOs, and senior staff from around the state gathered in person for education classes, reports from affiliated organizations, annual reports from CREA and its board officers, and speakers on a variety of topics.

Speakers sharing information came from state agencies, the Colorado House and Senate, the Colorado Office of the Utility Consumer Advocate, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, the Colorado State Forest Service, the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the Air Pollution Control Division. Jim Matheson, CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, gave the group a national perspective on legislation and rulemaking that is affecting electric co-ops.

The event ended with a panel discussion looking ahead to 2030 and how utilities will continue to provide reliable and affordable electricity as the electric industry changes.