Co-ops Work to Lower Carbon Energy Use

Colorado electric co-op power supplier Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and the Colorado Rural Electric Association join the national Beneficial Electrification League, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Natural Resources Defense Council and others to establish the BEL’s first state chapter, which will advance beneficial electrification in Colorado.

Additional participants in launching the Beneficial Electrification League of Colorado include the Colorado Energy Office and the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project.

Beneficial electrification promotes the efficient use of electricity to replace fossil fuels to benefit consumers, help improve the environment and provide a more robust and resilient energy system. BEL and the Colorado chapter are nonprofits focused on the advancement of market acceptance for beneficial electrification concepts, policies, practices, technologies and business models.

BEL was launched nationally in 2018 to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experience, education, awareness, and market and policy analysis to accelerate BE solutions, such as infrastructure for electric vehicles, access to highly efficient electric heating and cooling systems like heat pumps, rebates for electric equipment such as lawn mowers or leaf blowers and a variety of other uses.