August 2020 Funny Stories

Each evening when I came home after work, our elderly nanny would first shower herself and then bathe our 2-year-old daughter. One particular evening I had just came home and heard a loud slam of the upstairs sliding closet door in our toddler’s room. I ran upstairs and heard her crying in her closet. I slid the door open and asked my wet, shivering, frantic little girl why she was crying so profusely. Her immediate reply in a loud, shaky voice was, “I WON’T take out my teeth before my bath like Lola did!”
Jim Gulland, Chromo

One day I was outside playing with my 5-year-old grandson. He wanted to play tag and I told him I could not run. Later I heard him telling his 7-year-old brother, Nathan, “If a person has a little bit of white in their hair, like Daddy, they can run, but if they have a lot of white in their hair they can’t run.” You just never know what goes through the mind of a child.
Regina Jameson, Beulah

When my granddaughter was 3 years old, we were driving and saw a large rattlesnake in the road. I stopped so she could see it from the car. It was coiled and rattling and I explained that a rattlesnake is very dangerous and if she sees or hears one she should quickly get away. “If it bites you,” I said, “you will get very sick and could possibly die.” As she was listening and looking very intently, she very seriously stated, “And don’t put it in your mouth.”
Anna Concialdi, Beulah