August 2019 Funny Stories

We were attending our 16-year-old granddaughter’s high school band concert along with her parents, her other set of grandparents and her 6-year-old brother. When the last performance in the concert concluded the band director announced that all the other band students could be dismissed but the seniors needed to stay. About that time grandpa got up to leave and the 6 year old quipped, “Papa, you can’t leave now. He said all the seniors had to stay!”
Laurie Klein, Weldona

Our adorable 5-year-old grand- daughter, Daisy, came to spend the day with us recently. I had a couple little surprises for her, including a lollipop. Because it was unusual, she asked where I got it. I told her that Brad, our UPS man, often gives us bubble gum or suckers and that he’s really nice to us. Daisy looked up at me and said, “It’s probably because you’re old.”
Laurie Arnett, Cortez

Our son came home from kindergarten one day and kept following me around the house, shaking his head back and forth, but not saying a word. I asked him if something was wrong. He said, “I have something in my ear.” I got the flashlight to look in his ear and found a small bit of dirt and wax. I carefully removed this tiny ball and placed it in my hand and asked, “Could you really feel that in your ear?” His reply: “Yes, it fell out once but I put it back. I thought it was my brain!”
Wanda Durbin, Peyton

When my son was 4 years old, my parents came to visit our family. My father was a big man with a very hairy chest. He went to a bedroom to change his shirt and my son followed him. When he took off his shirt and my son saw his hairy chest, my son said, “My daddy has a sweater like that!”
Laurie E. Hall, Durango