April 2022 Poetry

April Day

I went outside today and paused — 
for there was something different in the air. 
I inhaled dirt and budding green and hints 
of times of lightness and easy, mellow hours. 
I heard the merry songs of meadowlarks 
unlike the winter bird notes of 
“We will persevere and hold our ground.” 

I breathed an essence in that clarified 
my inner space like shaking out a 
sodden cloth to flutter in the wind 
and dance its way to a softer place 
of fluffy, unencumbered ease. 

My whole self blinked and looked around. 
It was the old familiar place — but not. 
For it was new. A season born. 
A dormant core was stirred again. 
Then I awoke, revived. 
And I remembered 
Who I’d been. 

Jean Bayles, Mancos
Empire Electric Association consumer-member
My Dog Louie 

The grief I feel 
since losing my companion 
has consumed me 
like a dark cloud 
swallowing up a once bright sky. 

It’s the only place 
we couldn’t go together 
and it hurts so damn bad. 

I know he’s in my heart 
his spirit is with me 
but it’s impossible 
not to miss his ever presence 
in my life. 

He made me feel safe 
He made me feel needed 
He made me feel loved 
and losing those feelings 
has broken me. 

The pieces will eventually 
find their way back together 
in the spirit of peace, love, + joy 
until we meet again. 

Larry Woody, Buena Vista 
Sangre de Cristo Electric Association consumer-member


Many awakenings coming alive 
Ready to burst, ready to take flight. 
Feelings, emotions unexpectedly thrive 
Like many fuses ready to ignite. 
The sun tracing its path across the sky 
Gliding upon time; equaling day to night 
Ever moving; shining above on high 
Wanes as the day reaches its longest light. 
Nature strokes her winter white canvas 
Dripping droplets from the heavens above 
Dabbing the blades of the fresh green grasses 
Splashing color into the flowers we love. 
In the midst of the landscape not always seen 
A symphony of creatures for every scene 
From the mountain tops to the lowest ravine 
Nature’s concertos; harmonies unforeseen. 
How do you cast yourself in springtime play? 
Do you plunge in and flounder and flail about 
Or gracefully dive and swim a medley relay? 
No doubt, a part of both is in each new tryout. 

Linda Morrow, Bellvue 
Poudre Valley REA consumer-member

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