April 2021 Funny Stories

Coming home from the playground where “so cute” accolades were bestowed on playful toddlers, my 7-year-old grandson asked if I thought he was still cute.

“Yes, of course, and witty too!” I said.

He responded, “Is that why you have so many lines (meaning my wrinkles) because I always crack you up, Grammy?”

“That’s why!”
Janie Trimmer, Windsor

I was on vacation with my young daughter when we passed a man on the street. “G’day ma’am,” he said in his Aussie accent. My daughter was horrified and said, “Mom, that man told you to ‘go die’!”
Marion Mantz, Boulder

When I asked my 5-year-old daughter why she loses her mind after school each day, she replied, “I have anger issues. I have been trying to work on my anger issues since I was a baby.”
Paul Vollbehr, Pueblo West

It was a sunny, comparatively warm winter day after several days of gray skies and cold, snowy weather. And it was the weekend, so we asked our kids what they wanted to do. Our son, age 3 at the time, piped up and said, “Let’s go outside and play summer!”