A Saucy Staple for the Kitchen

Whether you’re watching the big game or merely craving a bar-food snack, wings are a great go-to. Blonde Beard’s Chicken & Waffles Buffalo Sauce slathers on sauciness CCL Production Manager Cassi Gloe loves to devour. Inspired by the Southern dish, this sauce is milder in heat with notes of maple syrup. If you’re want to pick up the punch a bit, then the IPA Buffalo Sauce made with Upslope’s India Pale Ale will give your palate a spicy yet refreshing flavor. Denver-based Blonde Beard’s takes pride in using real butter and simple, one-of-a-kind ingredients. It’s the butter that gives these sauces their richness and thick consistency. Visit blondebeards.com to see and purchase their complete line of sauces.