2018 Book Reviews: Curl Up with a Good Book

By Julie Simpson –

Let’s be honest: Sometimes life can be tough. But in the hard times, curling up with a good story, real or fiction, often has the power to comfort us, encourage us or inspire us to keep going. That’s why this month we feature some feel-good reads about people who also faced difficult odds and managed to overcome them. Some are based on true stories and some are fiction; some are romantic and some are exciting. All of them have one thing in common: their ability to inspire.


The Saturday Night Supper Club
By Carla Laureano

Rachel Bishop spent most of her life clawing her way closer to the top of the culinary world. She may experience very little of life outside the kitchen, but her hard work won her a James Beard award and a position as executive chef of a Denver fine dining hot spot. Her career is going exactly as she intends. Until, that is, an article making her the spokeswoman of a cause she never chose leads to a disastrous misquote and sudden unemployment in the course of three days.

The writer of the article, Alex Kanin, never intended to cause Rachel’s career implosion. Rachel reluctantly accepts his apology and offer of help, and together they come up with an idea to get her back on the food scene: a restaurant pop-up/dinner party called The Saturday Night Supper Club. The club’s popularity helps Rachel’s reputation and a potential restaurant investor might be in the works. But will Rachel allow her growing attraction to Alex get in the way of her professional dreams? Is it possible for her to chase both love and success while still remaining true to herself?

Well-researched, well-written, and with well-rounded characters, The Saturday Night Supper Club transcends the romance genre and achieves something closer to literary fiction. An added bonus is a glimpse into the fascinating, somewhat fictionalized, fine dining world of Denver, with mouthwatering food descriptions included. For a perfect book club read, find this great novel at local bookstores and online retailers.

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The Patchwork Bride
By Sandra Dallas

When she suddenly gets cold feet about her upcoming wedding, June runs to the place she feels safe: her grandparents’ ranch. Her grandmother Ellen is a wealth of wisdom, but instead of telling June what she should do, Ellen tells a long story about a girl named Nell who runs away from not one, but three, engagements.

Nell’s first engagement is to a cowboy in the New Mexico territory, where she works as a cook on a large ranch. Her second is to a much different man, a handsome travelling salesman with a troubled past. And her third, a rich older man from the city of Denver. As Ellen weaves her tale of loss and finding love, June finds comfort and wisdom in the story of a girl, not much different from herself who manages, after a long journey, to find the place her heart belongs.

Another masterfully written story from best-selling author Sandra Dallas, The Patchwork Bride is an enjoyable romantic read set in historical New Mexico and Colorado. Discover this great book at online retailers or local bookstores.

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By Jayme H. Mansfield

The Oklahoma Land Rush is coming soon, but recently-widowed mother Mary Louisa Roberts is unsure she can do it on her own. Not only will she have to travel across the country to the starting line, but she’ll have to race against thousands of others, drive in her stake first, and protect her claim against “sooners” and “jumpers.” Even if she can defend her new land from others, she must soon combat the elements in the coming winter by building a sod house and growing food. How can a young woman alone accomplish all this?

By strength of will, God’s providence, and a little help from the handsome newspaper illustrator Daniel McKenzie, Mary finds a way. She is determined to lay claim to her own land and future. But as soon as she thinks she finally made a home, will the past come back to haunt her and ruin any chance of future happiness?

An exciting and romantic read, Rush is all the more compelling because of its basis on the true story of Colorado author Jayme H. Mansfield’s great-great grandmother. For a window into the history of the West, find this novel at local bookstores and online retailers.

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The Encore: A Memoir in Three Acts
By Charity Tillemann-Dick

Charity Tillemann-Dick knew from a young age what she wanted to be when she grew up: a famous opera singer. Single-mindedly pursuing her goal, she starts to see the realization of her dreams in her early twenties. She goes to the finest schools, sings on stages all over the world, and works with the best voice instructors available. But then she starts feeling fatigued, barely able to catch her breath. Charity is diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, a devastatingly fatal lung condition.

With a failing heart and lungs and no other options, Charity undergoes a complete lung transplant to prolong her life. She manages not only to survive and recover, but, miraculously, pursues her dreams of singing opera again. Along the way she finds love, purpose, faith and friendship, and becomes a symbol of medical achievement and personal endurance.

Tillemann-Dick’s moving memoir captures her bright personality and stubborn refusal to submit to her disease. With moments both lighthearted and weighed down with grief, this true story is an honest rendering of the life of an individual with a chronic health issue and an inspiring reminder of the things in life that really matter. Find this book online or at major retailers.

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Off Trail: Finding My Way Home in the Colorado Rockies
By Jane Parnell

Jane Parnell became the first woman to climb the 100 highest peaks of Colorado. She climbed for her sister who was in an institution for mental illness. She climbed to silence the terror in her heart and the disgust in her body after she was raped. She climbed to fall in love with her husband, then to deal with the pain of divorce. She climbed to hold onto something. She anchored herself in the mountains.

A touching and lyrically written memoir, Off Trail draws on historical accounts of other female mountaineers as well as the author’s own personal experiences. For an inspirational read about a love affair with the dangerous beauty of the Colorado mountains, find this book at local bookstores and online retailers.

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Home of the Brave
By Donna Bryson

All it took was for Melanie Kline to see a video on the news about a veteran missing limbs learning how to river kayak with his father. Her inspiration started a chain reaction that changed the entire town of Montrose, Colorado, forever.

Journalist Donna Bryson conducted research and interviews to chronicle the impact that Welcome Home Montrose, Kline’s brainchild, has had on the town. Along with the mental health support, job and housing assistance, and the feeling of community provided by Welcome Home, the organization has had interestingly far-reaching effects into the business and economy of Montrose, keeping it vibrant in an era of exodus to cities and the dying of rural America. A small town helping veterans find a place to call home, and those veterans helping a small town grow and thrive — Home of the Brave is uplifting and inspirational.

Though this book could use some further editing, the story it details is both interesting and timely. Find it online or at local retailers.

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By Peter Heller

Celine is a unique woman, to say the least. Raised in the wealthiest high society circles of Paris and the East Coast, she was expected to follow the rules and join the next generation of the elites. Instead, her free spirit led her to become an exceptionally well-dressed, sharp-shooting private eye who has a better track record of finding people than the FBI.

Celine is aging and has difficulty breathing, but when the beautiful Gabriela comes to her with a story of love, loss and the disappearance of her adventurer/photographer father, the investigator is intrigued. The case takes her and her husband Pete on a road trip across the country to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, trying to unfold what happened to Gabriela’s father.

This beautifully written novel’s fascinating title character is just the right balance between fallibly human and larger-than-life. Add that to the fairytale-reminiscent mystery she investigates, and you have a book you’ll still be thinking about days after you finish it. Find this unique book by Colorado author Peter Heller in bookstores and online.

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Light It Up
By Nick Petrie

Marine veteran Peter Ash just wanted to help. His friend Henry’s business, a Denver security company protecting cannabis growers and retailers, just lost a huge shipment, along with four of their employees. They really were lost: four men and a truck, vanished into the Colorado mountains. Peter agreed to tap into his military training and work for Henry for just a few weeks, but the plan changed when his crew was attacked and his friends murdered.

Peter wants — needs — to hunt down the men responsible for the attack. What at first looks like a simple robbery becomes more sinister the deeper Peter investigates. What did the thieves want if they didn’t take the cash? Who runs their sophisticated operation? The closer Peter gets to answers, the more dangerous the search becomes, for him and for those he cares about. He must decide what he’s willing to risk to avenge his friends, and if he dives into this mission too deeply, will he be able to set aside his warrior self in order to pursue a chance at love when the time comes?

Author Nick Petrie’s well-researched story provides a fascinating glimpse into the complicated and shadowy world of the legal cannabis industry in Colorado. His believable plot paired with a broken and larger-than-life hero make for a book ready-made for the big screen. To read this shoot-em-up thriller, look online or at major retailers.

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A Season to Lie
By Emily Littlejohn

In the middle of a paralyzing blizzard, the body of famous author Delaware Fuente is found behind Valley High School, a knife through his belly. Detective Gemma Monroe may just be coming off maternity leave, but she’s still the best the Cedar Valley Police Department has to offer when it comes to solving such a high-profile case.

During her murder investigation, Gemma also uncovers a sadistic bully who leaves graffiti signatures on school property before he – or she — strikes. Could a high school bully be responsible for Fuente’s horrific murder? What was such a famous author doing in a tiny Colorado town anyway? He certainly wasn’t writing; his house, car and laptop are bare. The more Gemma digs, more mysterious details about the author’s shady past come to light, but can she find the killer before the killer finds her… or her family?

In her sophomore novel, Colorado author Emily Littlejohn crafted yet another well-written, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep readers guessing until the final dramatic reveal. Gemma remains a unique, relatable and strong female character who sets this series apart from others in its genre. To find this nail biter of a murder mystery, visit a bookstore and online retailer.

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A Dog’s Way Home
By W. Bruce Cameron

The first thing the puppy knows is a dusty den in an abandoned building full of cats. Then Lucas finds her and becomes her person. He names her Bella.

Lucas loves Bella and Bella loves Lucas, but in trying to save the cats in the building where Bella was born, Lucas gets on the bad side of the developer who wants to tear it down. The bad man pays animal control to label Bella as a pit bull, a breed illegal in Denver where Lucas lives.

Bella wants to be a good dog and do everything Lucas teaches her, including “go home,” which means no matter where she is, she runs back to curl up on her front porch. Then Lucas has to send her away to live outside of the city so that she won’t get put down as an illegal breed. How will she do “go home” when home is so far away she can barely smell it? Bella must find a way to get back to Lucas. Across mountains, through winter snows, despite dangerous predators, she will find him, or die trying.

Told through the loyal, loving and often hilarious perspective of Bella, author W. Bruce Cameron’s latest canine novel is not for readers who hate books that make them cry. Keep the tissues handy and find this story of love that knows no distance at major retailers and online.

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Missing Bonds
By Bruce W. Most

Bail bondswoman Ruby Dark is well-known in all sorts of Denver circles, her bright red hair and fiery personality hard to forget. She rarely ever has any skips because of her uncanny ability to sniff out runners before she agrees to post bail. So when “Bullet Joe” Brown decides to avoid court, Ruby knows something changed. When she finds the man who put up collateral for Bullet Joe’s bail brutally murdered in his home, the search shifts from a skip on the run to a murderer on the loose.

The mystery only deepens when Ruby is informed that the murdered man was hiding under a fake name, and that his prints match a soldier who was officially listed as MIA during the Vietnam War. How did he escape a prison camp and make his way home, and why did he change his name instead of reconnecting with his family? As the bodies stack up and the federal government gets involved, the stakes grow ever higher. Can Ruby get to the bottom of the mystery and bring some closure to war veterans and their families…and her own story of grief?

A keep-you-guessing mystery with an entertaining main character, Missing Bonds has an emotional and historically linked reality at its core. Find this book and others by Colorado author Bruce Most at local and online retailers.

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By Kevin Wolf

Death is familiar occurrence in the mining town of Brokeheart, Colorado, but when several innocent people meet gruesome, bloody ends in what seem to be attacks by wild animals, the citizens are understandably spooked. Scandal-haunted newspaperman Kepler sees the deaths as an opportunity for a story, but the deeper he digs the more the details don’t seem to point to attacks by a rogue wolf. The circumstances are too strange, the teeth marks on victims’ throats too consistent.

At the same time the odd deaths begin, a mysterious European aristocrat rolls into town on his private train car and enlists Kepler’s investigative services. The money is good, but Kepler becomes suspicious of his employer’s odd behavior. Do he or his beautiful female companion have anything to do with the brutal deaths? When Kepler finally uncovers the truth, he faces a deadly decision: pretend he doesn’t know the truth and save his own skin, or fight and perhaps perish to save the people of Brokeheart, along with countless others.

This sophomore novel from Colorado author Kevin Wolf is a significant departure from his first, though just as well-written and creative. For a cowboy Western/sci-fi-monster mash-up full of nail-biting twists until the last page, find Brokeheart online and at major retailers.

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Who the Bishop Knows
By Vannetta Chapman

The Amish community of Monte Vista is quiet, beautiful and generally peaceful. That is, until a young Amish man is shot off his horse while participating in the local rodeo. The weapon was a high-powered rifle, but no one remembers seeing a shooter, nor can they come up with a motive.

Bishop Henry Lapp hoped he wouldn’t be called to use his gift — the ability to precisely draw anything he sees — in yet another murder investigation, but he wants to help. The only problem is he didn’t see much: he wasn’t in the arena at the time of the shooting. Still, Henry knows he must use his connections within the very private Amish community to uncover the reasons why Jeremiah was killed and track down the murderer… before he or she strikes again.

Vannetta Chapman provides yet another riveting story in “The Amish Bishop Mysteries” with Who the Bishop Knows. Henry’ character is relatable and loveable, and the story offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of an Amish community. Pick up this murder mystery at your local bookstore and online.

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By Lisa T. Bergren

A father dies in the far-off Caribbean, leaving his three English daughters without male protection on the edge of destitution. Lady Keturah Tomlinson must find a way to restore the family fortune in order to provide for the future of her younger sisters. Their only option is to leave everything they know and travel to the island of Nevis in an attempt to make their sugar plantation profitable once again.

Others continually tell Keturah that running a plantation is no job for a lady. The land is harsh and the competition steep, the slavery brutal and the risk high. Despite everything working against her, Keturah is determined to succeed, partly for her sisters and partly for herself, to banish the shadow of her abusive first marriage by proving she needs no man. Will her stubbornness be enough to carry her through all the challenges ahead? At what point does her self-reliance stop being helpful and instead become a barrier, especially to the potential for love to grow in her heart?

A dramatic, romantic historical fiction set in the time before the Revolutionary War, Keturah is the first installment of “The Sugar Baron’s Daughters” series by prolific Colorado author Lisa T. Bergren. Find this along with her many other books online or at local retailers.

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The Go-Backer
By Peter R. Decker

Most people are familiar with the stories of the pioneers who civilized the West: hardworking families who left their lives in the East to find a new and better future on the wild frontier. But few are familiar with the stories of the go-backers, the ones who found the West too wild to tame and turned their wagons back East. Ridgway, Colorado, author and retired professor Peter R. Decker sought to keep those men and women in the record of history by writing The Go-Backer.

This fictional, historically-inspired tale follows Calvin Marlow, a recently discharged Union Army sergeant and Vermont farmer, along with his wife and three children. After the long war and a bad year for crops, Calvin decides to move his family west to Colorado, where he has been told the farmland is vast and fertile. Along the way they face higher than anticipated tolls and fees, raucous frontier towns, unfriendly natives, and a corrupt trail leader. When they finally do make it to Colorado, the ground is covered with sod too thick to plow and it hardly ever rains. A tragic death in the family is the last straw: the Marlow’s decide to come back the way they came.

Find this unique glimpse into the history of westward migration and the Oregon Trail online or in local bookstores.

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By Jody Bowersox

Nellie Hartford carries the same lightning-shaped birthmark as her mother and step-mother, the mark that means she can travel through time by riding lightning. She was never before tempted to use that ability, but then her beloved husband dropped dead from a heart condition. Suddenly time travel seemed like the only way to restore the happiness she lost.

Instead of going into the past in 1907 like she intended, Nellie accidentally traveled into the future of 2017. Completely out of her element, she had no choice but to ask for help from a handsome medical resident, Dr. Jeff Marshall. She planned on gaining some information so she could help her infant daughter with a stomach condition, then returning to 1907. But as she spends more time with Jeff, the more she feels for him and the harder she knows it will be to leave. Things only get more complicated when she’s kidnapped by scientists who want to use her ability for their own twisted plans. Can Jeff save her in time and can she risk heartbreak by leaving him?

The second book in the “Lightning Riders” series by Colorado author Jodi Bowersox, Jump is a creative story of love and time travel. Find this novel at local bookstores and online retailers.

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Colorado Murder
By JJ Williams

Dr. Joe Fox was on a bike ride in the mountains when he stumbled upon a young girl, nearly frozen to death. She said she and her friend were camping when a huge, hairy man attacked their camp. She barely escaped with her life. Her friend was not so lucky.

The murder rampage of the serial killer continues with the brutal killings of more campers. Sheriff Jill McKenzie enlists the help of Joe and his friends to help track the murderer over the rough mountain terrain, trails they are more familiar with than the very unhelpful agents sent by the FBI. At the same time, Joe is also confronted with a string of alleged date rapes by members of the local football team. Can he help his friends find the serial killer while also navigating a minefield of angry parents and coaches? And can he and his friends bring these crimes to a stop without losing someone they love?

Author JJ Williams has lived and worked as a doctor in Colorado for more than 40 years. Find this and other “Dr. Joe Fox” mysteries online or at local retailers.

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Good Days, Bad Days
By Stew Mosberg

All around us, people are living tragic, triumphant, fascinating lives. From the death of a family member to the discovery of new love, from the seeking of truth to the creation of a dangerous lie, moments play out every day in every life to create this beautiful thing that is human existence.

In this new collection of fiction snapshots, Bayfield, Colorado, author Stew Mosberg examines some of the many-faceted experiences that make up that existence. Though his stories range from the fantastical future of perfectly crafted love clones to the more mundane get-rich-quick scheme, his characters are tragically and beautifully human in their searches for meaning, love and purpose. Find this fiction collection at local bookstores and online retailers.

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Heart Bender
By Betty J. Slade

Millie Montgomery doesn’t want to leave Paris — especially not after she meets the handsome Rik Hansson — but feels she has no choice but to accept a prestigious appointment as head curator at the Brantwood Art Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Little does she know that she is only being hired to be set up as the scapegoat for an art theft ring and that Rik is actually an Interpol agent who followed her to New Mexico in disguise. Can Rik keep his cover intact long enough to save Millie from life in prison?

Find this debut novella by Colorado author Betty J. Slade at online retailers.

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Ann Basset: Colorado’s Cattle Queen
By Linda Wommack

In the early days of Colorado, the gumption and ruthlessness of individuals often held more sway than the power of the law. This was especially true in the northeastern corner, where cattle barons battled it out through trickery, false accusations and theft in order to control water and grazing land for their herds.

The remarkable Ann Bassett held her own among those ambitious and often-murderous men, gaining herself the nickname “Colorado’s Cattle Queen.” Though her life was far from morally spotless, it was also far from boring. She rustled cattle, fought against the land-grabbing maneuverings of her neighbors’ larger cattle operations, consorted with outlaws like Butch Cassidy, and had a fiancé and friends murdered in cold blood. Hers is a fascinating true story of a woman who refused to be ruled by anyone and was willing to do whatever necessary to fight for her land and the people she loved.

Author Linda Wommack does an excellent job meshing real letters and other documents from the time period with an engaging narrative flow to make a book about history that doesn’t feel like a historical book. Find this fascinating read at local bookstores and online retailers.

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The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road
By Finn Murphy

Most people have a picture in their head of what a trucker should be: a rough-around-the-edges type with a beard and perhaps cowboy boots who loves the freedom and transience of life on the road. Long-distance mover Finn Murphy was one of those who bucked the status quo for the trucking life, but he insists that the mythos of the wild and free trucker is mostly a fabrication. Trucking is a hard job, one which he does very well, and one that has given him a unique perspective of people, their stuff and the traditional American dream.

In this compelling and intelligent memoir, Murphy gives readers an insider’s glimpse into the world of long-distance moving. From stories about disgruntled customers and other truckers to detailing just how much mathematics is involved in expertly packing a trailer, Murphy’s astute observations and witty, sometimes humorous, sometimes dark philosophizing offer a cutting evaluation of the way we live our lives and the stuff that, for some reason, is so important to us.

For a funny, thoughtful, interesting and utterly honest read, find The Long Haul at local bookstores and online retailers.

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Killdozer: The True Story of the Colorado Bulldozer Rampage
By Patrick Brower

On June 4, 2004, Marvin Heemeyer drove an armor-plated bulldozer through the streets of Granby, Colorado, destroying 14 buildings and firing rounds at law enforcement from his homemade tank. Patrick Brower was there. A longtime resident and newspaperman, Brower knew Heemeyer personally and witnessed the destruction of his own business during the rampage.

Brower relies on facts and extensive detail to lay out the story of the Killdozer from the very beginning, from the day that Heemeyer first purchased land in Granby to the anti-government conspiracy theorists who rallied to his defense after his death. With this book, Brower wants to set the record straight: Heemeyer was a man who felt slighted, no matter the reality of his circumstances, and was willing to take that chip on his shoulder into the extremes of revenge.

For a fascinating, well-researched and detailed account of the Killdozer rampage and the man behind it, find this book at online retailers or local bookstores.

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Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes: Colorado
By Brittany Walker Konsella and Frank Konsella

You may have skied or snowboarded all the local resorts, but if you want to take the adventure up a notch and get off the groomed slopes, then Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes: Colorado is the guide for you. With a wealth of pictures, maps and details, this book will help you safely explore 102 backcountry routes found throughout the Rocky Mountains. It also includes helpful “extra credit” tips for creating multi-day trips along with advice on equipment, safety and adventure preparation.

This detailed guide was written out of the extensive backcountry skiing experience of Brittany Walker Konsella, a former freestyle skiing competitor and the second woman to ski all 54 of Colorado’s fourteeners, and Frank Konsella, a former ski racer and the fourth person to ski all of Colorado’s fourteeners. Benefit from their knowledge and start planning your own backcountry adventure by picking up this book at your local bookstore and online retailer.

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Wild Winemaking: Easy and Adventurous Recipes Going Beyond Grapes
By Richard W. Bender

Everyone knows that most wine is made from grapes, but have you ever thought about making wine from, say, lavender? Or what about hot peppers or even cannabis? Fort Collins author and gardener Richard Bender spent years experimenting with turning his garden produce into many unique and delicious varieties of wine, and he shares his recipes and things he learned in this beautiful, detailed, tantalizing book.

Winemaking doesn’t have to be intimidating with the knowledge in this guide. It includes a detailed list of materials you need to get started, helpful tricks, tips for the preparation of different ingredients, and clearly written recipes. To start your own adventure in winemaking, find this book at bookstores and online retailers.

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By Sandra Dallas

After losing their farm in Iowa, the Martin family tries to make a new life as homesteaders on the prairie of Mingo, Colorado. Twelve-year-old Belle helps out her parents and six siblings as best she can, but it’s a hardscrabble existence, battling natural disasters, cold and heat, bugs and disease. Heartbreaking losses make everyone in the family doubt their ability to persevere, but Belle knows that as long as they have their love for each other, they’ll find a way to make it through.

Another well-written and heart-warming book by best-selling author Sandra Dallas, Hardscrabble is an enjoyable and historically informative read for middle schoolers all the way up to adults. Find this great book at local bookstores and online retailers.

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By Mariko Tatsumoto

Kenji is a normal 14-year-old boy who loves surfing and dislikes working in his parents’ shop. That is, until a tsunami decimates his town and kills his entire family. Kenji can’t let go of his guilt, believing he could have saved them if he had just been braver.

Kenji is sent to Tokyo to live with his uncle. At first big city life seems glamorous, but then Kenji starts to pay attention to his uncle’s strange habits and discovers the truth: Uncle Kazuo is a Yakuza, a mobster in organized crime. When gang war breaks out between rival crime families, Kenji’s uncle sends him to a sumo training camp where he is forced to learn and fight as a sumo wrestler in order to keep his cover. Through it all, his guilt weighs him down. Can Kenji overcome his guilt and all these changes in his life in order to find his center again?

Colorado resident Mariko Tatsumoto is the author of one of our featured books from last year’s reviews, Ayumi’s Violin. Gutless, her third book, was a finalist for the Colorado Author’s League Award and winner of the 2018 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People. Find this great book for middle school readers at local bookstores and online.

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The League of Governors
By Wendy Terrien

Jason Lex thought his life was going to calm down after he saved the world. His family is still reeling after Jason’s killing of his villainous mother to prevent her destruction of the Rampart, the shield that keeps magical creatures hidden from normal humans. Now he just wants to continue to train using his Guard powers and be a relatively normal teenager.

Then his dad and sister disappear after a visit to the League of Governors in London, and Jason and Uncle Alexander must travel across the ocean to figure out what happened. They find themselves trapped in a strictly governed society where the slightest misstep leads to severe punishment. Can Jason get to the bottom of what is really going on at the League before it’s too late?

An exciting, action-packed novel perfect for middle and high school-aged readers, The League of Governors is the second book in this series by Colorado author Wendy Terrien. Pick it up at your local bookstore or from online retailers.

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Ghost Twins: The Mystery of the Missing Moose
By Dian Curtis Regan

Twins Robert and Rebecca died in a boating accident on Kickingbird Lake a long time ago, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun or from helping to solve a mystery. When Jamie and her grandmother come to stay in the old cabin they haunt, the twins and their dog help Jamie follow the clues in her grandmother’s paintings to finally uncover the location of the long-missing town statue, Morty the Moose. But another ghostly, sinister presence seems to be involved. Can the twins overcome the dark will of this other ghost to finally bring the truth to light?

The latest addition to this creative, ghostly series, The Mystery of the Missing Moose manages to be both dark and lighthearted in an enjoyable way. Visit your local bookstore and online retailer to find this read perfect for middle school-aged kids.

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