Soothe Skin and Sore Muscles with Osmia Organics Products

After a long day of winter play, pamper yourself with Osmia Organics products. Start by soothing tense muscles in an irresistible hot bath filled with the company’s Recovery Salt Bath ($29), and then lather yourself with its Rosemary Body Mousse ($42), an organic shea butter with a heavenly scent. Did the cold temperatures and wind chill crack your lips? Give Osmia’s Lip Repair ($22) a shot, which the company claims can heal in as little as one day.

In 2010, founder Sarah Villafranco, M.D., envisioned a life she didn’t anticipate. She was an emergency medical physician and mother who, after taking a soap-making class, realized she had a different calling. She experimented with lotions and soaps with failure and success until she finally figured it out. In 2012, Villafranco opened the Osmia Organics retail store in Carbondale and launched her website where she sells all-natural skin care products.

Osmia skin care will pamper your skin, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to hit the slopes all over again. For more information, call 970-510-6610 or visit