Pumpkin Party Time

lit pumpkinHosting a Halloween pumpkin-carving party is fun, but take out the mess and misunderstandings and you’re in for an amazing event. This is where master pumpkin carver Barry Brown comes in.

Brown’s pumpkin-carving parties come with enough pre-scooped pumpkins to accommodate each guest; you can partner up with someone or go solo. Providing pre-scooped pumpkins eases the goopy mess factor. “If you get a piece of the flesh of the pumpkin on your carpet, that’s like getting a slice of apple on your carpet. No biggie. If you get goop on your carpet, biggie,” he explains. Having the pumpkins pre-scooped also keeps things moving more quickly.

In addition, Brown brings patterns for guests to choose from and everyone gets a set of carving tools to take home.

Teaching participants, especially children, how to have fun carving a pumpkin the right way is Brown’s main objective. “I’m like a bee with each flower,” he says. Hold your tools gently. Relax your arm. Apply your pattern correctly. “All of these are little tips that no one thinks about.”

At the end of the evening, Brown conducts a “grand illumination ceremony.” Everyone counts down from 10 and all the pumpkins light up simultaneously.

“I love it when the kids run up to the table and look at the pumpkins with a glow that shines on their faces and they’re like, ‘Whoa, that’s amazing,’” Brown says. “I love that moment.”

Special Appearances Brown will be out and about in Denver this month to demonstrate his amazing pumpkin-carving talents.

Bring the whole family to see Brown in action at the Denver Zoo, October 24-25 and 30-31.

In addition, Brown will host a handful of adult pumpkin carving parties where participants can try their hand at this delightful craft. At the Denver Botanic Gardens, October 17, 24 and 31. Visit botanicgardens.org for more information.