October 2019 Funny Stories

While spending the day with my youngest daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, we decided to have lunch at James Ranch in Durango where you can sit at a picnic table on their beautiful grounds, and look out over their property and view all of the livestock that lives there. As we ate our burgers made from their Harvest Grill, we could see the cows in the beautiful fields, grazing in the sunshine. My daughter looked at me, a perplexed look on her face, and asked, “Do you think they are mad at us for eating this?”

I told her that even though we eat those cows, they are living a happy life out here in the green fields before they are harvested. She seemed content with that until she bit into her burger and I mooed. Five years later, she’s a vegetarian.
Dana Fontenot, Durango

When my youngest daughter was in middle school, we stopped at the gas station to fill up the car. She went inside the store to get a drink but found out she was short of money. She said a man behind her in line asked her, “How short are you?” To which she replied, “Five foot three.” Still makes me laugh!
Mary Logan, Greenwood Village

Driving home from work one day, my 6-year-old daughter saw a cute little dog sticking its head out of a car window next to us. She said, “Mom! Look at that cute dog! What kind of dog is it?”

I said, “I see it. It’s a Shih Tzu.”

I looked in the rearview to see the look of horror on her face as she said, “Oh, I can’t say that.”
Lauren Rains, Ramah

My sister gave birth to a baby boy and when I told my 3-year-old son he had a new cousin, he asked, “Is he my age?”