October 2017 Funny Stories

My husband and I took our 4-year-old granddaughter trick-or-treating. After going to a couple houses, she looked at me and said, “Grandma, you forgot to pay those people!”

“No,” I said, “trick-or-treating is when good kids get candy for free.”

She said, “My mom said nothing’s for free and money doesn’t grow on trees. Grandma, you’re in trouble.” I just had to laugh.
Linda Harrison, Calhan

When my son Zachary was 5 years old, he was fascinated with a library book that showed how to make funny faces out of food. He wanted to try it out, but I told him I did not want to spend money on food that he would not eat. The list of food required included eggplant, cucumbers, celery, cabbage and carrots — all items that he refused to eat. He had some money of his own, so I told him that if he really wanted to buy those things, he would have to pay for it himself. So, on our next trip to the grocery store, he emptied his piggy bank. He pushed his own little child-sized grocery cart and loaded up all the vegetables. At the checkout, he proudly told the cashier, “My mom makes me buy my own food.” Between her fits of laughter she managed to ask if I would at least contribute the 5 cents he came up short.

My son is now 29 years old and this story still makes me laugh.
Ruth Ann Hendershott, Craig

One of my best memories is from when I worked as a teacher. One day after school, I pulled up to the trash containers near the playground to throw out the trash from my classroom. I got out and threw it away, leaving the car running with keys in the ignition. When I returned seconds later, the car doors automatically locked. I was distressed. A young boy came over and looked in the car window at the gas gauge. He said, “Mrs. Roylance, you are lucky. You have a full tank of gas.”
Kathy Roylance, Rye