New Gym Entertains Kids Across the Spectrum

The Woszczynski family

When the Woszczynski family came across the We Rock the Spectrum® franchise, they knew the gym was a perfect fit. With a son who is on the spectrum and two other children, they wanted a place where kids of all walks of life could enjoy its amenities.

We Rock the Spectrum® in Arvada opened just a couple months ago and it’s already getting a great response. The all-inclusive children’s gym features fun equipment, such as swings, a zipline, a trampoline, a rope wall and a climbing wall, that also helps children with autism and other special needs to develop fine- and gross-motor skills.

“A lot of kids with sensory issues and autism struggle with knowing where their bodies are in space,” says Amy Woszczynski, owner of We Rock the Spectrum® Kid’s Gym in Arvada. Playtime on the gym’s equipment, she says, aids with sensory input that also helps kids with their balance. “I know that sounds kind of weird, but imagine standing there and not knowing where your hands are in relation to your body and to other things in your proximity. That’s such a bizarre feeling; I can only imagine what that feels like. The swinging sensation and the sensory input helps kids with that.”

The Arvada gym is beginning to offer classes, such as social skills and pediatric special needs massage therapy classes, and continues to find ways to connect to special needs families throughout Colorado. The Arvada gym is located at 8330 W. 80th Avenue in Arvada. For more information, call 303-284-3049 or visit