Neat Knickknacks for Noshing

After a great day exploring the outdoors, a meal by the campfire is sure to hit the spot. Sure, you can craft yet another sandwich. Better yet, you could grill up all kinds of good stuff with a portable outdoor grill. Colorado Springs-based Camerons Products has just the right tools to grill grub easily and expediently with its portable outdoor grill. This 12.5-inch nonstick grill holds up to 8 pounds of food, folds down to 4 inches thick and comes with a handy carrying bag. Cost is $34.99.

In addition, Camerons sells marshmallow forks that can roast two marshmallows at once ($19.99), corn grilling baskets that hold up to four ears of corn ($12.99) and a tailgating table that conveniently holds beverages and snacks ($54.99). For more information, visit