May 2019 Funny Stories

One day I was driving our two grandsons out to our house to spend the weekend. The 4-year-old asked, “Grandma, are you going to have kids of your own some day?” Needless to say, that took some explaining!
Connie Brown, Pierce

My daughter shared with me this story about my quippy grandson. Dillon brought home Smiley, the class stuffed animal. He told Mom to hug it. She asked, “Do you know how germ infested that thing is?” His reply: “Hey, he’s not German. He’s American.”
Grandma Jane, Bayfield

Our 4-year-old asked, “If we take the glass off of the TV, will the people fall out?”
Teri Biedermann, Colorado Springs

During a visit, my 6-year-old niece informed me that she read a chapter book on dogs and now knew all about them. My little dog is not too kid-friendly, so I worried that, armed with her newfound knowledge, my niece might overstep and receive a growl from her.

I only briefly stepped out of the room when my niece came running out and urgently told me that my dog was panicking. Believing my little dog was getting agitated with all the attention and causing trouble, I raced back to the room, only to find her lazing in the sun, slowing panting. “See,” my niece said. “The book said when they panic like that it means they’re thirsty and you need to give her a drink of water.”
Joan Cunningham, Monument