March 2018 Funny Stories

I recently bought my 3-year-old grandson a small plastic golf set. I laid a hoola hoop on the ground as a big hole and explained to him that if you got the ball into the hoop with one shot, it was called a “hole in one.” Finally he got his ball into the hoop with one shot and proudly exclaimed, “Grandma, I got
a holy one!”
Kelly O’Donnell, Masonville

Our young son and daughter accompanied us to a dinner theater that was popular with senior citizens. After dinner our children were allowed to go to the bathroom by themselves. Our son returned and we asked where his sister was. He replied, “She got caught in a herd of grandmas.”
Lynne and John Becker, Colorado Springs

When my daughter was 3 years old, we lived in the city. She had only seen white store-bought eggs. My mother-in-law came to visit and brought farm-fresh brown eggs with her. When I opened the egg carton to make breakfast, my daughter looked incredulous and exclaimed excitedly, “Chocolate eggs for breakfast!”
Kim Troup, Peyton

I was watching my 4-year-old grandson, Enzo, doing a multi-piece puzzle. He was working away and, to my astonishment, putting all the pieces together. I said to him, “Why can’t Grandpa do puzzles as good as you do?” Very seriously he said, “That’s because you’re not good at it.” It really had us on the floor laughing.
Don Asta, Yampa