March 2017 Funny Stories

One day in our preschool class, the teacher was going over the calendar for the start of a new year. She quickly went over the months January through December. She then pointed to January and said, “This month is January and the next month is February. What do you think the next month is?” A little boy waved his hand and the teacher called on him. He very proudly said, “Marchuary.”
Kathy Phelps, Durango

Grandpa called his granddaughter Gracie to wish her a happy birthday. “How old are you?” he asked.

“I’m 11 years old,” Gracie said.

“Boy, you sure are getting old,” Grandpa replied.

“I know. I can feel the wrinkles beginning already,” she said.
Lane Osborn, Hamilton

After playing outside with my 2 1/2-year-old grandson Derek we headed back inside. He said, “Can you open the door Mom?”

I looked at him and repeated, “Mom?”

He paused with a bewildered look and said, “Yeah, for some strange reason Mommy calls you Mom.”
Kelly O’Donnell, Masonville

When asking our “93 years young” mother how she accounts for her longevity, she replied, “Well, I just haven’t received my invitation yet!”
Mary Prouty, Durango