Lost Prairie Winery

As the only winery in Old Town Fort Collins, Lost Prairie Winery owner and winemaker Kate McMahon keeps busy. “I sell faster than I can make it,” she says jokingly yet seriously. “That’s my biggest challenge. I make everything small batch.” But McMahon is rolling with the punches. Initially she made wine using 6-gallon buckets and carboys, but recently graduated to small stainless steel fermenters that hold 20 gallons. And as demand increases, so will her winemaking equipment.

Lost Prairie Winery shows up at special wine events throughout the year, including the Wine and Cheese Festival in Erie this October 14. The winery also features local music onsite every Friday, 7-9 p.m., from March through September. Be sure to sample some of what McMahon says are a few of her bestsellers: Tempranillo, Malbec and Peach Chardonnay. For information, call 970-407-9463 or visit lostprairiewinery.com.