January 2018 Funny Stories

Our soon-to-be-3-year-old great-grandson loves any sport played with a ball. On a particular beautiful autumn day, his preschool teacher was explaining the different seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter. “Do you know what season it is now?” she asked the class. Garrett promptly raised his hand and when called on exclaimed excitedly, “Yes, it’s football season!”
Sharon Catlett, Lakewood

I used to work with preschoolers and kindergartners. As I watched the kids, I pulled my ponytail around and smelled my hair since I just used a new shampoo and conditioner. Two 4-year-old boys walked by and gave me a weird look. I told them I was seeing if I liked how my hair smelled. One turned to the other and said, “Gina just wiped her nose on her hair!” Their disgusted looks were priceless, and there was no way they were accepting my defense.
Gina Littlefield, Cortez

When my little brother John was about 7 years old, he thought he was pretty smart. My dad was trying to teach him a lesson in humility, so he asked him, “What number is larger than infinity?” John thought for a minute and answered, “Infinity plus one!” After my dad’s eyes flew wide open in shock, we all had a really good laugh. John was a pretty smart guy after all!
Barbara Greer, Grand Junction

When I visited my granddaughter one Sunday afternoon, she told her 6-year-old son that he could not use the computer while I was there. He thought about what she said for a few minutes then asked me, “Grandma, how soon are you leaving?”
Bonnie Cronin, Colorado Springs