Gerald and Betty Ford

Gerald and Betty Ford pose for a picture with Richard and Pat Nixon in 1973. The Poettervelds, from Grand Junction, have a friendly run-in with the former president and first lady.
Gerald (1913–2006) & Betty (1918–2011) Ford served as the 38th President and First Lady of the United States from 1974 to 1977.

It was a beautiful evening several years ago and my husband and I were strolling arm-in-arm along a snowy back street in Vail. We rounded a corner and bumped right into former President Gerald Ford and his wife, Betty, who — bracketed by their Secret Service detail — were also walking arm-in-arm down the street in the opposite direction.

We all stopped and exchanged smiles. “Hello,”Betty said. Gerald nodded and said, “Lovely evening.” We agreed that the snow that year was wonderful. With another round of smiles and friendly nods, we continued on our separate ways. The Fords had no idea who we were, but they were as gracious and charming as if we had been next door neighbors!
Jan and Ginny Potterveld, Grand Junction, member of Grand Valley Power