November 2017 Funny Stories

My little granddaughter participated in the Veterans Day parade. When the parade was over, she said she was hungry and asked where we were going to eat. Her mom told her they would go the Vets Club. She said to her mom, “I don’t want to eat dog food!”
Charlotte Inskeep, Loveland

A friend of mine took her two little girls to church one Sunday, not realizing it was daylight-saving day. There was only one other car in the parking lot and inside the church there were no congregants. My friend said to her girls, “I wonder where everyone is.” One of the girls chimed in, “Well, God’s here. His car is outside.”
Jean Mar, Salida

My dad didn’t cuss, but when things didn’t go right he would say, “Dad blame it!” His grandson, who was 3 at the time, spent the day with Grandpa and heard those words. That evening, the young grandson was asked by his mother, “What did you learn today?” He quickly responded, “Blame dad.”
Lillian E. Mercer, Grand Junction

My godchild, David, took his 3-year-old son Ethan shopping. “Daddy, I need a new truck,” Ethan said. David told him that he didn’t need a new truck, he just wanted one. Ethan said, “OK, Daddy. I want a new truck.” David went on to explain that in the “real world” little boys don’t always get everything they want. Ethan replied, “But, Daddy, in my world I do.”
Kay Robinson, Loveland