Elvis Presley

Highline Electric member Tony Helfer and his grade school classmates couldn't help but stare at the King of Rock and Roll.
Elvis Presley (1935-1977) was an American singer and actor who was regarded as a significant cultural icon of the 20th century.

While attending Catholic school, one day a rumor was flying through the classrooms that Elvis would be attending the funeral of his friend at the church next door. As the funeral attendees arrived, the entire school flocked to the windows to catch a glimpse of the singer. The nuns (while yelling loudly that this was not only disrespectful but that we needed to return to our school work) kept closing the windows and shades only to find that they were flying open as quickly as they were shut.

As the start time of the funeral neared, a bakery van pulled up to the rear of the church. And sure enough, out stepped Elvis, adorned in his signature white cape and pants. As he rushed into the church, the girls swooned and the guys murmured, “Cool.” We all settled back into classroom routines during the service, but at the conclusion of the funeral, just as students were filing outside for the change of classes, Elvis exited the church.

He got into his limo and drove away, but a few of us lucky ones received a wave from his diamond-ringed fingers. Four students, chosen to serve at the funeral, quickly became the center of attention as they recounted to us the amazing hymns that Elvis sang throughout the service.
Tony Helfer, Holyoke, member of Highline Electric