Derek Jeter

Grand Valley Power member Mike Bales encounters Derek Jeter at a Boston restaurant.
Derek Jeter is a former Major League Baseball player who played 20 seasons for the New York Yankees as their starting shortstop. Derek is a five-time World Series champion and regarded as one of the most consistent baseball players of all time.

It all started on beautiful August day in Boston, Massachusetts. My wife and I were spending the weekend so we could go see the Red Sox play the Yankees. Before the baseball game, we went to our favorite rooftop restaurant, Fiori. After we were finished eating lunch, I was talking to the maître d’ and he asked what we were doing for fun in Boston. I replied that we were going to the Red Sox game and mentioned that it was going to be fun watching Yankees star player Derek Jeter before he retires. The maître d’ answered, “Well this is Derek’s favorite place to eat when he is in Boston.” Who do you think walked in the door while we were talking? Yes, Derek Jeter! The maître d’ took him to his table and we left.

While outside I told my wife that I should have asked him for a picture. “All you can do is go back and ask,” she said. So I went back into the restaurant and asked the maître d’ if he would ask him if I could get a picture. The maître d’ said he couldn’t do that, but I could try. I got up the nerve to ask Derek myself, and he said yes. Derek Jeter was nice about it, and I got my photo. Not only did I get to watch him play at the baseball game, but I got to meet him too. That made my day.
Mike Bales, Grand Junction, member of Grand Valley Power