August 2018 Funny Stories

We were in the midst of remodeling our newly purchased ranch home. One day, I met some installers at the house and needed to let them know where to turn in to the driveway. To assist them, I set the newly purchased mailbox that had our house numbers on it on the ground at the end of the driveway. At the end of the day, I picked up the mailbox and took it back to the house. A couple days later, one of our children opened the mailbox and showed me a note he found inside. It was from our new mailman and it read, “Looks like you dug the hole too deep.”
Margaret Wood, Whitewater

While baby-sitting my grandchildren, Tegan, 6, and Kael, 4, decided to go play outside in the yard. I needed to remain inside to keep an eye on their baby sister, Britta. As the older two ran out the door I shouted, “Be careful out there. I don’t want anyone getting hurt on Nanny’s watch.” Just before the door closed I heard my grandson ask his sister, “Where’s Nanny’s watch?”
Nancy Schuster, Loveland

My 4-year-old grandson’s family recently moved from a small, old apartment to a large, newer house. I asked him, “So, how do you like your new house?”

“It’s not very good,” he said with a frown. I was surprised and asked him why. With a serious, disgruntled look he said, “The sinks are still too high.”
Kelly O’Donnell, Masonville

I’m reading a book about antigravity. I can’t put it down.