April 2018 Funny Stories

I was preparing lunch while babysitting our grandsons. After seating them at the table, the 4-year-old accidentally spilled his glass of orange juice. As I cleaned up the mess under the table he asked, “Nana, do you smell my feet?” Thinking he was concerned for me I said, “No, I don’t.” He then pushed his little bare feet closer to my nose and said, “Now do you smell them?”
Neal and Lois McDonald, Wellington

One day, a young man told me my hair was so shiny. I chuckled and told him it was probably all the gray hair. He said, “It’s silver!” I got a good laugh.
Bonnie Stafford, Loveland

On his first visit to California, Cousin Leroy was curious about the variety of plants in the area. He was especially impressed by the tall, fragrant eucalyptus trees that bordered the highway as it entered the city of Morro Bay. Struggling to remember the odd-sounding name, Cousin Leroy kept asking Aunt Ethel the name of the giant trees.

At the end of the day, Aunt Ethel asked Cousin Leroy what impressed him the most. “I liked the IRS trees,” he said. “IRS trees?” Aunt Ethel asked.

“Yeah, you know, the IRS. The tax people who clip you by taking your money,” Cousin Leroy said. “The you-clipped-us trees.”
Marybel Lill Patrick, formerly of Durango